they support gamersorigin teams

Société Générale is a French bank helping companies to grow and which is supporting sports and cultural projects. It partners with GamersOrigin to contribute to its League of Legends team developpement.

The XP course aims to help students quickly understand and master the codes and challenges of the professional esports and gaming sector.

Since 2017, Randstad has been involved in esport in order to develop professional opportunities in this growing sector, to valorise skills and gaming jobs and to build career paths.

AIDES’ aim is to bring people living with HIV/AIDS together with their loved ones and peers into an organised entity dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS and to defend the rights of people and communities affected by this disease.

REKT combines elegance and comfort to accompany you in your games and thus increase your performance. Noble high quality materials, a design thought for gaming by professionals in the sector, optimal ergonomics.