Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri

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Ilyes Satouri
Starcraft II
Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri is known as one of the best non-korean players in the history of Starcraft II. With more than 20 titles and a huge amount of tournament results, the french-tunisian has occupied the top of the french and european scene since his career started, in 2011. The zerg player has won 8 major titles and was for a long time the non-korean with the largest amount of cash won. He moved from Warcraft III to Starcraft II at Wings of Liberty’s launch, joined Millenium and achieved notable results. He claimed the North American Star League Season 3 title in 2012. Then, he moved to Evil Geniuses. A few days later, he won the 2012 european championship. He was undoubtedly one of the best non korean player of the year. His career didn’t stop after this title: he joined Meltdown in 2014 and has continued to perform. He qualified for 2016 WESG and for IEM Season XII, in the meantime of the Winter Olympics. He joined GamersOrigin after coming back into the game, as an icon fighting to get his top place back. Since then, he goes from good results to victories, carrying GO’s colors to the top of the Starcraft II scene.

Stephano achievements

December 2018 WESG African Qualifier
May 2018 DreamHack Tours 2018
April 2018 GOESC2 EU 769
August 2016 WESG 2016 Africa & Middle East Qualifier
November 2012 Lone Star Clash 2
September 2012 WCS Europe 2012
July 2012 NA Star League Season 3
July 2012 WCS France 2012
March 2012 Lone Star Clash
March 2012 SCAN Invitational 4
February 2012 LDLC Winter Trophy
February 2012 eOSL Winter 2012
January 2012 SCAN Invitational #3
January 2012 SHOUTcraft Invitational 4
November 2011 MSI Pro Cup 4
November 2011 IGN ProLeague Season 4 UK Qualifier
October 2011 MSI Pro Cup 3
October 2011 ESWC 2011
October 2011 IGN ProLeague Season 3
August 2011 MSI Pro Cup 1
July 2011 Master Series Finales 2010/2011

May 2013 2013 WCS Season 1 Europe - Premier League
February 2012 ASUS ROG Winter 2012
March 2011 MaXlan 2011

April 2018 Gamers Assembly 2018
September 2012 DreamHack EIZO Open : Summer
May 2012 Red Bull Battlegrounds : Austin
May 2012 MLG Spring Arena 2
November 2011 Battle in Berlin
November 2011 ESWC 2012
August 2011 Sennheiser Cup
August 2011 ASUS ROG Summer 2011

January 2020 ESL Open cup #2
July 2018 HomeStory Cup XVII
November 2017 WESG 2017 European Qualifier
August 2017 2017 WCS Montreal
July 2017 2017 WCS Valencia
June 2017 2017 WCS Jönköping
April 2017 2017 WCS Austin
January 2017 WESG 2016
August 2013 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe - Premier League
June 2013 2013 WCS Season 1



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