they support gamersorigin teams

PokerStars is simply the greatest poker website in the world. Their software has received multiple awards, as did their customer service which is available 24/7. Their support allows our Hearthstone players to compete in tournaments all around the world.

Klim is a young French company making PC accessories with a strong commitment to product quality and customer service. You can browse all their products on the Amazon KLIM shop.

Klim supports our Hearthstone, PUBG and League of Legends teams by providing them all the accessories they need to be at their best.

Created in 2009 under the name iDBUS and renamed Ouibus thereafter, the bus carrier offers short, medium and long distance bus trips to more than 180 destinations. Their comfortable buses help GamersOrigin to travel throughout Europe.

The audio solution Nahimic created by the A-Volute company procures an HD sound boosting the audio and vocal performances of your gaming computer. Appreciate the 7.1 virtual sound on your traditional stereo equipment. Nahimic is an audio smart solution allowing you to manage your settings automatically. Their software allows also our PUBG team to better perform in matches thanks to an improved sound, an essential element to spot ennemies and ensure clear communication.

Bequipe offers innovative solutions to help players and teams in competition settings by improving their comfort and performances. Their product, Kaliento allows GamersOrgin players to warm their hands before and during theirs matches, giving them another edge on their opponents.