The club



GamersOrigin started out in 2011 as a website dedicated to Diablo III. At Hearthstone ’s launch, GamersOrigin started covering the Blizzard card game and recruited in early 2014 its first professional players, including Un33d, Fishou and Lowelo.

GamersOrigin also developed its content through YouTube and Twitch with HearthstoneFR, the first 24/7 Hearthstone French channel. In September 2017 GamersOrigin replaced it with O’RiginHS, in co-production with O’Gaming.


GamersOrigin organized the GamersOrigin Cups 1 and 2 at the Ecole 42. The events gathered more than 500 players, from true beginners to world-class challengers. The second GamersOrigin Cup was at the time the Hearthstone tournament with the highest number of contenders.


In September 2015, the Hearthstone roster took a whole new dimension with the recruitment of the coach behind Firebat’s 2014 World Champion title: Ryan “Purple” Murphy-Root.

Only a few weeks after settling-in, Purple won the DreamHack Winter and became the new Hearthstone Americas champion. He reclaimed the title in 2017 and took part in his second World Championship in Amsterdam, in January 2018.


Overwatch’s launch was an opportunity to explore a new horizon and to truly claim the name of esports club by launching a second team on a new game. The journey began in June 2016 and concluded more than a year later, after reaching the top of the French scene and achieving a #5 ranking in Europe. Nowadays, GamersOrigin is proud to see its former players competing at the highest level, in the Overwatch League.


GamersOrigin made a bet in January 2017 by venturing into the League of Legends’ French scene, its first steps out of Blizzard turf.

Our first season on League was a complete success: 12 podiums – including 8 titles – led to the uncontested honorific title of “best French team of the year”. Those results pushed us to establish our very first gaming house, an essential part of the path to the top. It helped the team improve both individually and collectively.

The second season confirmed the team’s potential with 3 more titles and two appearances in the European Masters, where we reached the semi-finals.

The family keeps growing

Capitalizing on its success, GamersOrigin recruited a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roster showing a lot of potential in November 2017. Our recruits demonstrated their skills only a few days later by qualifying for the PUBG Online Showdown. They were soon followed by a Trackmania team which includes Pac, the world championship title-holder.

Speaking of world champions, the Allister Zoo members joined GamersOrigin to represent the organisation on Dofus. They confirmed their absolute domination in Tours in May 2018 with a back-to-back world champion title.

GamersOrigin entered the Starcraft II scene by recruiting Stephano, the most successful French pro in the game’s history and one of the RTS best Occidental competitor ever. This recruitment on one of the most emblematic esport games is accompanied a few weeks later by the coming of a team on Fortnite, the inevitable Battle Royal. The GO squad on the BR is used to the top of the French scene and determined to shine at a European level. Stephano welcomed a new teammate in 2019: Reynor, a young and very promising Starcraft II Italian talent. In July 2019, he lifted the WCS Summer trophy and qualified for the World Championship. Luffy joined GamersOrigin soon after Reynor, the first European to have ever won the EVO (the most prestigious Street Fighter competition) becoming GamersOrigin first versus fighting player. Keev, the EVO Japan SoulCalibur title-holder, joined GO too, reinforcing our versus fighting line-up.

In 2019, the Fornite duo made by M11Z and Deadra qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, the biggest esport event ever held on the game.

GamersOrigin esports club will continue to expand in the coming months and years, keeping the core values we held since the beginning in our sights: being humble and always pushing our limits.